December 2018 Highlights

Every year December is always one of the busiest. This post gives some of our highlights from month of December.

The month started off strong, with December 1 being a Saturday. First thing Saturday morning Glen went mountain biking with a number of his coworkers. It was an annual tradition, the 8th year for this outing, but even though invited many times before, it was the first time Glen actually made it out. Some years the outing is cancelled due to weather, other years family responsibilities kept Glen away, but this year the stars aligned and he actually got a morning of biking on some North Shore trails.

Late November Kayla had taken a babysitting course, and on the afternoon of the 1st she had her first paying job, a couple of hours of looking after a girl in grade 1 from their school.

On Sunday (the 2nd), we hosted a number of old Toastmaster friends. The funny thing is we have been socializing with this Toastmaster group for years (maybe 15) even though we actually never attended a club with most of them. This year we enjoyed having them at our house, which also added incentive to put up a tree. So we put up our first tree.

The next weekend had us attending Glen’s work party on Saturday evening, a fancy shindig that happened at the Fairmont Water Hotel. We didn’t stay that late as Sunday morning was Glen’s company’s Santa breakfast. Auntie Shirley was over for Saturday evening with the girls, and then we were away on Sunday morning to have a great breakfast with Santa.

The next weekend had us taking out Susan’s parents, Shirley, and Aunt Fong for Dim Sum at Yan’s. For those of you who have been long time Western Canada residents, the answer is ‘Yes’. This is Yan’s Restaurant, from the show ‘Wok with Yan’, a chinese cooking show that was on I believe in the late 70s. In the afternoon the girls were out with their Girl Guide friends at the Aurora Winter Festival, happening downtown Vancouver where they went ice tubing and skating and had lots of fun. Sunday had an especially busy afternoon starting with Melissa playing soccer. This was an extra special game for Melissa as she scored her first game goal. The team they were playing was Melissa’s team from last year, a very good team. She held her position in front of the net, got passed the ball, pushed through two defenders while keeping control of the ball, and blasted it to the corner to get it past the goalie. Not only was it Melissa’s first game goal, but it was also the winning goal for Melissa’s team, as her team beat the other team with Melissa’s goal 1-0. It really was a good game.

Then an hour after her soccer game, with a quick stop at home for lunch, Melissa was out jamming/performing at a musical concert arranged by her accordion teacher. Melissa, along with about 10 other accordion players, were out playing accordion with each other for their musical concert.

Not enough music? An hour after Melissa’s accordion concert finished, she, along with Kayla, were out for another music recital where they both got to play a grand piano performing their piano pieces in a recital.

Coming up in later December? Christmas concerts and Kamloops for Christmas!

Burnaby Girls Remembrance Day Soccer Tournament

This weekend was a pleasant one, with Glen’s mom and dad in town to celebrate Melissa’s birthday (happening later this week), and a birthday dinner with Glen’s parents, Glen’s brother’s family (except for Zachary who was working), Susan’s parents, and Susan’s sister Shirley. Glen’s brother Jim was practicing his artistic photo skills in the basement before dinner while many others chatted upstairs. A happy birthday cake was accompanied by the Happy Birthday Song sung by the full family, finishing just in time for Melissa to go to bed early as she had a soccer tournament early on the Monday morning.

I would consider the soccer tournament to be a highlight of the weekend. Not only was there the tournament today, which I’ll describe in a moment, but we were also out with Melissa’s school friend Noemi, a soccer fanatic, practicing for a few hours over at the school yard.

Today’s tournament seemed to be a real leap forward in technique for Melissa, as she scored in 3 out of the 4 shootouts her team was in (each team member on each team gets to shoot once).

Unlike last year’s Remembrance Day tournament where it was a rainy day (with a few sunny spots), this year’s tournament was dry with clear blue sky for the whole day! It was cold though!

Glen helped out to setup at the tournament, meaning he drove over at 6:30 in teh morning. Glen’s dad and Melissa drove over about 7:20 for Melissa’s first game happening at 8:00am. Susan, Kayla, and Glen’s mom walked over to the tournament (which was happening at the Burnaby Lake West Soccer Fields (on Kensington near the arenas). Jim, Ellen, Rebecca, and Jessica all came and watched a few games as well. Glen’s parents (and Rebecca) left after lunch and headed back to Kamloops. Glen and Melissa drove home after the last game and shootout at about 3:30. Susan and Kayla walked home on the beautiful fall day.