Spring 2019 Events

We’re in Richardson Park, Oregon at a campsite near a gorgeous lake, but more about that later. I’m writing now to give a quick summary of the events from Spring 2019.

The year started with us at home after we had spent Christmas itself in Kamloops with Glen’s parents.

Through January Melissa was up skiing every weekend at Seymour in lessons, with Glen along as driver. Both girls continued in piano lessons. Melissa continued in accordion lessons.

Both girls took part in Odyssey of the Mind at school. Both their teams did the same “problem”, presenting an invention of Leonardo Da Vinci’s. Both girls teams did excellently, both winning the provincial competition for their respective ages, and both went to University of Michigan to compete in the works finals.

We went to our cabin at Easter for an egg hunt and with a bow and arrow we acquired had some fun doing archery. Glen has a couple of drones that were also along and had fun flying those.

We didn’t get to the cabin for the May long weekend as it ran into when the girls went with their team’s and Susan to Michigan to compete in the Odyssey of the Mind world’s. We did make it again to the lake for the July long weekend. Both girls gave waterskiing a quick attempt, a courageous attempt actually since the lake was so busy it was very rough and even for those of us with backgrounds in skiing it was pretty challenging to stay up. Our niece Jessica had a number of her friends along staying at Uncle Earl’s so they too came to the beach and tried waterskiing, but as mentioned no one other than Glen actually made it up for more than a few seconds at a time.

Glen continued playing indoor beach volleyball on a work team for the first few months of the year. As it got closer to summer that fell buy the wayside as work got really busy.

In late June we took our trailer out to Sasquatch Provincial Park for a weekend with Jim, Ellen, and Jessica.

Our main summer event, to be described in a subsequent post, is a road trip down to San Diego, which is what we’re on now (hunted at in the first paragraph of the this post).